Fully functional POC on streamlit

Incredible tool
I did a fully functional POC for presentation.


Made to detect corrosion in oil and gas pipelines (heroku deploy)


Awesome app, it’s very good @gabrielalberton.


Thanks or sharing, but it is not working for me.

File "/app/main.py", line 47
      def main():
IndentationError: unexpected indent

Hey Gabriel!

Welcome to the Streamlit community. Thats a pretty cool app, I tried your example and it worked just fine. @chris_klose were you loading your own picture?

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi, Marisa!

I did not understand the question. But there’s no problem. you can ask me that I will try to answer!

Ita on heroku, but its going down with low memort. would love to test the share.streamlit!


Hey @gabrielalberton,

No questions here! Looks like you fixed the bug from Chris’s question as well. Thats awesome! :slight_smile:

2020-10-21 06:00

Run example throws error:-
ValueError: Didn't find op for builtin opcode 'RESIZE_NEAREST_NEIGHBOR' version '3' Registration failed.

Is there a github repo for this?

Sorry friends, I’m having memory problems on heroku and I haven’t had time to make all the modifications to try to make this work.
I need a invite to deploy on share-streamlit. Im waiting for!