Function never exits when decorating with st.cache

Hi! I am working on a Streamlit app that involves fetching and analyzing a large dataset of sports data for a user.

Obviously, given the fact that Streamlit reruns the page on each input change, i want to be caching the dataset from the first time it is fetched. However, when i tag the function with st.cache, it seems to get stuck in its execution… I just see “Running” and it never stops. This is occuring specifically for the ‘load_league_data’ function. I can see in my terminal that the next lines of code are being executed, but this is not reflecting on the streamlit app :frowning:

season = st.selectbox('Season', [2021, 2020, 2019])
league_id = st.text_input('Enter your league ID:')

def main():
    st.title('Fantasy App')
    st.write('Use machine learning to show you how bad you are at fantasy football')
    if st.button('get data'):
        with st.spinner("fetching league data"):
            league = load_league_data(league_id, season)

def load_league_data(leag_id, season):
    if len(leag_id) == 8:
        league = League(leag_id, season)
        return league

def populate_team_df(league):
    teams = league.teams
    team_objs = []
    team_names = []
    for i, team in teams.items():
    teams_dict = {'team_obj': team_objs, 'team_name': team_names}
    return pd.DataFrame(teams_dict)

if __name__ == '__main__':

What seems to be a problem since it works perfectly fine after you add league = load_league_data(league_id, season)


def load_league_data(leag_id, season):

    if len(leag_id) == 8:

        league = load_league_data(league_id, season)

        league = league(leag_id, season)

        return league

Since I do not know your league IDs I cannot say what happens after you insert correct league ID