function of date_input in streamlit

currently using streamlit

You have created a date_input for the start date and a date_input for the end date. You are applying filtering functionality to your project based on the range of time series data based on the start and end dates.

When you click on the date_input, something like a calendar appears, which I will call a calendar. For example, there is diving training from November 19th to November 27th and submarine training from November 1st to November 15th. I want to display a red star shape on the dates with submarine training and a blue star shape on the dates with diving training in the calendar.

Thank you for reading my long post asking for help.

Hi @lee-edgar, that functionality is not inbuilt within streamlit yet. The other way you could do it is to actually create a “calendar” (as you call it) onscreen and display any colour stars / emojis as required…


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