General question on custom styling

I don’t know much about styling the streamlit app outside of page_config. Are there resources for me to learn how to maximize the customization of the app outside of the standard options supported by html. in general, what is the most effective way to do this, inject custom css? does JS come into play at all here?

One specific question I have is how would I customize button styling? but if i’m going to custom style buttons, I might as well know the full extent of what’s possible.

I’ve seen a few @dataprofessor videos. other suggestions?

I just did a video on this: 4 ways of styling Streamlit widgets | Streamlit tutorial - YouTube

Where I quickly skim through all the current ways to “hack” Streamlit design, with a lot of links in the video description :wink: .

Hope it helps!

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Really great video with rundown. Nicely edited too!

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