Generell guidlines for deploying on windows machine

Currently i deploy my streamlit app on a company server using windows-tasks and a batch file like that:

set root=C:\Users\...\Miniconda3
call %root%\Scripts\activate.bat
cd C:/Users/.../PycharmProjects/pythonProject
call streamlit run --server.headless true --server.port 8501

Everyone with access to the machine can reach the site just fine. I was just wondering if that is the “right way” of deploying the app.
One thing i noticed, is that the multi-user experience is not smooth. For example the site-setting is set to wide, once the site is refreshed in the browser it goes to narrow-mode and i have to manually reset it to wide-mode.
Also what happens with caches of different users? Can they get mixed up, or reset? For example i use


in one of my apps. Will that wipe the cache for all users?
Is there any way to set a distinct url in the server settings and not just the port?

If you are using set_page_config() then that is a bug. If it is the user using the hamburger menu, it is expected behavior.

There are no “caches of different users”, only one cache of the application.

st.set.page_config() goes into my as the first command?

Now that would be a big problem for me. Is there a workaround to make a “user-cache” The cache consists of the results of a heavy sql query and data cleanup function. Each user can select different data and a different querry.

You probably want to store that in session_state.

I do actually:

    if 'nlp' not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.nlp = initSpacy()
    if 'dataSubmitted' not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.dataSubmitted = pd.DataFrame()
    if 'dataUpdated' not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.dataUpdated = pd.DataFrame()

    if st.form_submit_button("Los"):
        st.session_state.firstRun = False
        st.session_state.dataSubmitted = fetchData(st.session_state.nlp)
        st.session_state.dataUpdated = st.session_state.dataSubmitted
def fetchData(_nlp):
    with st.spinner("SQL Abfrage läuft..."):
        # SQL Abfrage
        data = importDataFromSQLSImilarity(auchGeschlossene,nurGeschlosseneFehler, nrows, zeitraum, modul)
        text = str(data.shape[0])+" Datensätze werden bereinigt..."
    with st.spinner(text):
        # Bereinigung des Textes
        data = cleanUpData(data,_nlp)
        text2 = "Tokens für "+str(data.shape[0]) + " Datensätze werden erzeugt..."
    with st.spinner(text2):
        # Tokenizing und anschließend Neusortieren der Spalten
        data = tokenizeData(data,_nlp)

    return data

So lets say User A selects some data through the app which is saved as the session_state. When User B connects to the site from a different machine an hits the submit-button, will that not clear the data from user A?

Note that there’s no users in your code, the application has no way to tell users apart from each other. So there are no user data. There are sessions. Data in session_state last until the session ends, cached data last until the application exits.