Getting error for trying to deploy news app python

I am trying to build a streamlit news web app.
For this I am using newsapi-python.
But problem here is while importing we write it as newsapi so it is showing no module ‘newsapi’ error.

This is a bit too few information to give any advice.
Maybe you haven’t installed newsapi-python in your environment.
Can you provide a github repo link?

Yea sure here’s it is:

Sandeep12-2021/Pro (

You have a typo in your file name:


And within the file this will probably also fail, because it is an invalid version:


Either use a proper version or remove it, you don’t use it anyway.

I have done all those stuff.
So what should I do now??

Nothing worked out.
What should I do now??

Your github repo is not updated.

Well, without any further information, we cannot give any advice.

Where do you run streamlit? Locally? Which environment? Streamlit Cloud?

Yes at I am trying to host my news app there.

If you don’t fix the mentioned bugs in the github repo, it will not work…

Thanks @Franky1 it all worked out there was a typo.


Btw, you don’t need the click dependency, this is solved since:

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