Getting Error While Deploying Streamlit App Using Docker

Hi Team,
I am facing issues while running streamlit docker image, I’m getting error "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘altair.vegalite.v4’ " though i am not using altair in my script. I’m running this all on windows 10.
Please find below attached screenshot of Dockerfile, terminal and folder structure.


Hi @varad

Could you also share the import statements from your file. Perhaps it is a dependency for some of the libraries used in the app.

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Hi @dataprofessor ,
please find below attached ss of requirements.txt file, i added altair in it after getting that error and built new image and tested it but getting same error.


@Franky1 do you want me to add “altair<5” in requirements.txt file?

Yes try with this again

@Franky1 Its working Thank You!!

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