Getting Missing Submit Button even though I have used st.form_submit_button

I am using streamlit forms. This is my sample code:-

    with st.form(key="income_form"):
        amount = st.number_input("Amount")
        date = st.date_input("Date")
        time = st.time_input("Time")
        note = st.text_input("Note")
        submitted = st.form_submit_button(label="Submit")

When I run it as simple app, it works correctly.
But whenever I try to run this in multi app, I get the following error:-

And also the form is loading every time I change something. This should not happen.

I am not able to debug the issue.

streamlit.bootstrap breaks forms. I was using boostrap to debug in PyCharm. When run via terminal this works fine.

Do we know if there will be a fix for this reported error with “missing submit button”, it’s a little frustrating?