Getting Theme Options from code

Hi All!

I know how to get the parameters of the theme being used if they are specified in the configuration file (.streamlit/config.toml)

If there is no configuration file this variant does not work.

Are there other ways to get theme parameters from the code while itโ€™s running ?

Hi @Andrey_Vasilyev,

Currently in Streamlit, configuration file is only option for the theme option.

May be in future we may see other options too.

Thanks for the answer. Itโ€™s a pity. This is a necessary option.
It will allow, for example, different users of the application to have their own color schemes, and grid-type widgets (Ag Grid) will be able to handle them correctly.
Now it is impossible.
It makes sense to add a function to the kernel methods that returns data of the current color schemeโ€ฆ

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