Google authentication with Streamlit Community Cloud

Repo link: GitHub - nihad-hh/google-data-transfer-fork: Automating data transfer between Google Forms and Google Sheets
Branch: deployment
Script that runs the app is in the root:

We are making web app that transfer data using Google forms and Google sheets. Everything works locally. When we deploy app on Streamlit Community Cloud, and try to authenticate Google user using credentials.json, our app does not open new browser window to do the authentication. But when we use access token (generated from credentials.json apriori), everything works fine (in this case there is no need for opening new browser window).

Access token will eventually expire, and it is not solution to our problem. How can we set it up so our app alows openning new browser window to authenticate user ?


akhi, did you find an answer? We are having the same problem of new browser window not opening