Google Earth

Hey I think it would be really cool to be able to show google earth KML’s in streamlit!

This would help with geospatial applications using streamlit.

Hey @kurt-rhee, thanks for the suggestion! Is your request to display the KML like we do with dicts (so that you can inspect the file) or actually do some sort of plot?


I peronsally would like to do some sort of plotting. I can do some plotting of geojson in plotly, but it seems to bug out when zooming out. I think being able to display KML with a google earth embedment would solve my problem. I wasn’t sure if it was a streamlit issue or a plotly issue so I created github issues on both libraries.

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Thanks, filing an issue is definitely the first step :+1:

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I didn’t put anything in there about google earth as an alternative, would you like me to?

That’s okay, Google Earth should probably stay separate from the bug report for Plotly.