Groundwater explorer/pdf-report-generator app

Hi all. Please visit my new groundwater app on PGMN water levels · Streamlit, git repo here
It started as a simple test app to create pdf reports and then streamlit seduced me to add more
features, and I am still not done. Unfortunately, there is still a bug in the pdf generator I could not get rid of: adding a blank page after each HTML table. I suspect that the reason is the required buildback for wkhtmltopdf, which does not exist in the newest version. However, if you install the app locally and use the most recent version of wkhtmltopdf it should work. If you have any tips regarding this bug, please let me know. Once again, I am amazed on how little time the stramlit-web-app coding took me compared to the rest of the programming. Also, I love the aggrid component!