Has anyone made a library with streamlit unofficial streamlit gists and addons?

So there is a lot of functionality that the community requests, but streamlit decides isn’t priority, so someone implements it and sticks it in a gist. An example is SessionState or Pagination.

I’m wondering if anyone has collected these and put them in one library so that instead of having a streamlit subfolder full of these scripts in essentially every app I make, I could just do something like from streamlit_addons import SessionState. If it doesn’t exist I’m happy to make it. Please include the types of unsupported (but existing) functionality you would like to see added.

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Hello @MadeUpMasters

As far as I know, there’s no package that gathers every useful snippet made by the community (or even by Streamlit Team, like the ones you’ve posted :stuck_out_tongue: ). Feel free to make a real python package, some people will definitely find it useful!

Session state (and more precisely programmable state) actually is: Programmable State Survey! - Official Announcements - Streamlit

As for pagination/tabs, and other layout components, they’re “In design” apparently: Roadmap · streamlit/streamlit Wiki (github.com).