Making multi-page Streamlit applications easy with Hydralit

Just wanted to share the Hydralit library, library I wrote to make it easy to quickly create multi-page applications and/or combine existing applications into a single one. A live example with secure login is located in the hydralit-example repo, with a link to a live running example. The source code for the example is here. All navigation is auto generated, there is alot of control for how it is created and where, or you can leave it on auto.

I needed to be able to quickly add existing as well as new Streamlit applications and be able to keep expanding the application without having to keep changing the navigation and state transitions. The idea and conversion process are shown in the docos on the repo. Hopefully someone finds this useful, else please let me know if you have any issues/suggestions for the future. I will be actively maintaining this as it is being used for a number of applications I write and maintain.

Running example here:


unable to post any links to anything, don’t see the point in a place to share if I can’t share anything.
Hydralit library, TangleSpace/hydralit and example, TangleSpace/hydralit-example

Hello @Probability,

We’re sorry about this! Discourse automatically flag long posts with links from new accounts, which needs to be manually approved by moderators. Feel free to share anything you’d like, you shouldn’t have any problem now.

Btw very nice application! Great layout, featuring a login page as well, that rocks :fire:


Thanks, sorry if i appeared frustrated, was just trying to share some details and got alot of blocking, i only hope someone finds this useful as it seemed a logical next step now we have session state! thanks for the link assist.


Looks great and like your menus!