Has anyone successfully used st-aggrid with Streamlit-in-Snowflake?

I’m having issues uploading and accessing the st-aggrid modules with Streamlit-in-Snowflake. First, I zipped the st-aggrid folder in my %PYTHON%/Lib/site-packages folder, and that got me past the first error. Then I had to upload the decouple.py file because decouple is a separate module called by st-aggrid. Now I’m getting:

StreamlitAPIException: No such component directory: ‘/tmp/appRoot/st_aggrid.zip/st_aggrid/frontend/build’

The folder and assets are very much part of the zip file I uploaded. Is it a character length issue? Very stuck.

Hi @MattGuitarMurphy

Third-party components are not yet supported on SiS. Further information on limitations and unsupported features are in the Snowflake Docs:


I did read that. Still wondering if there’s a workaround in the spirit of compatible-but-not-compliant.

Specific update: Snowflake blocks anything related to st.component.v1.html, which includes st.download_button as well as any unsupported third-party components. Please go to Snowflake Community and search for “aggrid” and upvote the idea to include streamlit-aggrid to the repository.