Healtz constantly pinging, site stopped loading without warning

I’m getting the dreaded Connection Timeout but using an app that has been working for a while.
I’ve updated packages and build packs to no avail.
Runs fine locally.
Website is getting a constant ping.

Branch deployed here:


mkdir -p ~/.streamlit/
echo "[server]
headless = true
port = $PORT
enableCORS = false
" > ~/.streamlit/config.toml

I have no idea if the setup file is correct, but it has been working.
Any suggestions welcome.

If i run the app on heroku from the cli the last log is:

“Generating new fontManager, this may take some time…”

I’ve tried:
enableCORS = false
enableWebsocketCompression = false

I’ve pulled out the connection to the database,
pre manipulated the data via scheduler,
pre saved the charts as images
and pre save dataframes to a csv.
(just 40 rows x 7 cols x 3 csv. Not particularly large files)

It’s still not working consistently and a good deal of the benefits Streamlit offers over just creating a standard web-site have been removed.

Not sure what to do next.