Help to begin building app


I have learned to use basic concepts of programming languages but I am practically new so I would appreciate if someone could help me by advising me which libraries and IDE to use and how I should approach it.

I have a project done in Excel (I can’t show the content for privacy) but I’m seeing that it’s running slow because of the amount of data.

My idea is to use python and I recently found Streamlit which uses the browser to display the results.

The goal of the project is to log the data manually through the browser, export them .csv, analyze them and display the result in graphs or tables in the browser.

There are several files that are put together to be analyzed.

Outline of the project idea.

Thanks in advance

Hey @jaealkorta,

Thanks for sharing your question. To start off, have you checked out our Get Started docs and our docs on connecting to data sources?