Help with code

if the community of streamlit can help us then it will grateful to me and my project.
the code given is below

Hello @ritiksoni00, welcome to the forums!

I moved your topic to the Questions category.

We’d be glad to help, but we have no information on what you’re trying to accomplish nor the issue you’re having. Could you provide more details on that?


We are basically Making a Cough detection Program and I’m a newbie for streamlit im getting so much error ,when i run it.
like I don’t know

this line will work or not .

Thanks for your Reply Hope you will help soon
Thank you so much! again

The problem seems to be with how you’re loading a keras model, so nothing to do with streamlit. I recommend taking a look at the tensorflow docs here:

Specifically you seem to be using a h5 file and trying to use the keras json loader, but a h5 file isn’t json so that should fail.


ill check it out khalido! Thnkyou::slight_smile:

@Synode did you get my problem

I didn’t had time to check your code lately, and I saw that it has changed recently as well.

I’m not familiar with tensorflow, so I don’t know if I’ll be of any help. And what about @khalido’s solution?

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@khalido’s solution its helpful for us and the great thing is we solve our all error regarding app.
Thank you for your kind support
im looking forward to deploy our app on heroku …:slight_smile:
if you know about how to decrease SLUG size then it will greatful for me.
you can check it out :-