Hey i have a noob question concerning Uploader and creating an Excel copy of an existing one

Hallo I am new to programming an new to python/Streamlit. I discovered streamlit as a great method to have first successes with programming :slight_smile:

At the moment I am trying to write a little helper for my work. Its about the following:

Reading values from a .pdf, do something with the values and writing the results to an excel, but before doing the latter copying an existing excel to a specific destination.

So my program startet just as like the following:

single_file = st.file_uploader(“Uploader”)

with st.beta_expander("Feststoff"):

    if single_file:

now after this point the program is started by a lot of code for reading all the values and do all the calculations. at this point in the folder where the user selected the data (or maybe a sub-folder which first is created) a .xlsx from a specific place should be copied first and put into the destination and then i want to write the values into this excel.

The latter, writing the values into the excel should not be that hard. But I dont know how to do the part with copying an existing excel, creating a new folder in the destination of where the single file was chosen from and putting this copied excel into that destination. Can someone help me ? :smiley:

something like (this is not code): 'if single file: in folder of single file make a new folder called ‘Excel Folder’, copy existing Excel from 'destination" and put into ‘Excel Folder’ , then set this excel in the new tolder to a destination parameter called ‘newexcel’