HiddenSource: Generative Note Taking App to Tidy up Memos into Diary

Hi everyone,

Thanks for giving me this good opportunity Build-with-Streamlit challenge to share my idea.
I built a generative memo app using Streamlit chat elements to keep my daily journal and lifelog.
You can take a look here: http://hidden-source.streamlit.app

It is on Streamlit Cloud, and I have not implemented user authentication.
The posts should be public, so be careful not to share private information.

Image from Gyazo

It looks like a ChatGPT-like app, but actually it isn’t.
You can only post your memos; our asisstant does not answer anything.
What makes it “generative” is a summary feature, which tidies up your memos into a daily digest or project review.
In this way, Streamlit chat elements is turned into a generative note app. Sounds ineresting, isn’t it?

Image from Gyazo

If you like this app, you can clone the repository and build your own environment.
For a database it uses SQLite3, which is built-in to Python, so it requires not setups for a server.

The quality of summary is not bad, but I would like to make it better with reasonable user experience.
If you have some novel ideas, please reply to me with a feedback. Pull-requests are also welcome.

Motivation for building this app

As a productivity-concious programmer and knowledge worker, I have been thinking about lifelog app or time tracker.
I know some people using messaging app (e.g. Slack) only for logging their activity and just-an-ideas.
For now, I have used Notion dabase to keep a note and review them on a board view.
Thanks to mobile app integration that looks like X(Twitter), it encourages me to put everything.
Unfortunately, it is not dedicated to keeping a daily journal; we have to create a new “2024-01-**” page every time.
In addition, I wish I could tidy up such scribbles into decent sentences.
I believe this is where a large language model shines, and Streamlit serves a very handy way to build such a chat-like app.