Host Streamlit on Apache Webserver

I have a sample Streamlit Application to be hosted on Apache Webserver version 2.4. The application is hosted on default port 8501. I want that to be hosted on Apache Webserver which i have already installed. Since iam new to this Hosting Application topic, can somebody help me how do i setup using Apache webserver and what changes to do in Apache Webserver’s configuration file?

Hi @Harshith_Subramanya, welcome to the Streamlit community!

We have a Streamlit Deployment Guide (wiki) that has an entry for setting up Apache webserver, that might be a good place to get started.


Thank you randyzwitch. I referred to the document and started the deployment. I have following questions as well. After the Apache server is setup and run, what address should be given in the browser. Any leads will be appreciated.