Hosting Streamlit App on Streamlit Cloud with Dynamically Changing Local Image Path

've been working on a Streamlit app that dynamically updates an image every 10 minutes, and the image is stored locally on my desktop. However, when attempting to host this app on Streamlit Cloud, I encountered an issue where it throws an error indicating that the image path is not found.

Hereโ€™s a brief overview of the scenario:

  • Local Setup:
    • The image file is stored on my local desktop.
    • The path to the image file is static and remains the same.
    • The image updates every 10 minutes with a new version.
  • Hosting on Streamlit Cloud:
    • When deploying the Streamlit app to Streamlit Cloud, the app is unable to access the local image path.
    • Streamlit Cloud operates in a separate environment, and local paths from the development machine are not accessible.

Points for Discussion:

  1. Path Accessibility:
  • How can we handle dynamically changing images stored locally when deploying on Streamlit Cloud?
  • What are the limitations and considerations regarding local paths in cloud-based environments?

How are you getting the images to Streamlit Cloud?