Hosting Streamlit with AWS EC2

I was wondering how to host Streamlit app in the cloud so that I could share it among my friends. I choose AWS EC2 to do this and well I was able to get in online. If anyone is interested how I did it I wrote post here:

This was my first time using AWS EC2 so it might not be the fastest way but its working for me.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Awesome! We’ve been meaning to write something about this the Streamlit docs, but we’re a bit busy with this whole launch thing at the moment :wink:

Thanks for writing this!

Linking similar topic here - Ec2 streamlit stuck on loading screen while running streamlit hello , as there are a few of us who can’t seem to get streamlit on EC2 to work.

I’ve tried the above mentioned tutorial with no success (“Please wait…” loading problem).

Hi again @svilupp! :slight_smile: Ddi you try setting


in your ~/.streamlit/config.toml as described here?

Update: Oh yes. I see that you did. Sorry for missing that! I suggest submitting a bug report, which will give the eng team a lot of useful information about your exact setup.

As per the thread linked in your post, it gradually started working without any changes on my side - makes me wonder whether it was an AWS glitch… I’ll post an update tmrw morning in the related post.

Update: It doesn’t work again (despite no changes on my side).

Hi @svilupp, were you able to get this to work? I am running into a similar situation. But in my case, I only get the “Please wait …” loading problem when I am pointing to the domain name, but if I connect via IP address it works fine. I have the config.toml file but that did not help.

Actually, the config.toml setting appears to be working now - several minutes after creating that file and restarting the app.