How can i add Color to Textarea Value ? i am able to add color to label not to value


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Code snippet:

st.text_area("Enter Input :blue[text to be colored] prompt or Click on Create Prompt :",value="red[text to be colored] ",key='qres',height=200)

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Expected behavior:

Value should display in Red text.

Actual behavior:

Not changing colour

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Hey you can check out this Thread about changing the color of text areaโ€ฆ

I want to color some of the text in Text Area .

Ex : Test Case: Policy Details Verification, Change, and Comparison , i want to display Policy details in Blue color

I am able to change color of label but not the text inside text area. Is there anyway i can achieve this

You can create a custom component using HTML and CSS and use it in your streamlit app

Thank you, i am newbie here, can you please provide steps or point out to me to some link