How can I authorise a user?

From streamlit we want to connect to our backend server and then depending on user type want to hide/show certain components!

Now as this runs on server certainly there will be a problem (it will only try and keep state of the latest request), do we have any solution to achieve this?

Basically, I’m looking for a way through which I can store states of different users on streamlit server and can basically serve different users with different layout.

Hi @Rajesh_Darak,

Thank you for sharing with the Streamlit community!

Our team is working on a feature to access a user object, but it will not be available until potentially Q3 or Q4 of this year. As a workaround, some Streamlit users show a selectbox with all usernames, allow end-users to select their username, and load user-specific content accordingly; however, this solution is not ideal if the data is sensitive.

If you’re using Streamlit Sharing you can implement secret management.

Viewer authentication is a feature we support through Streamlit for Teams. If your organization is interested in using Streamlit for Teams, you can sign up for our beta here.

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Thanks for your reply @Caroline will check your solutions out other than selectbox. We are already using that time being.