How can i change the label in streamlit?

here i tried to develop used car price prediction apps and deployed using streamlit.

Figure below the result of predict after i clicked the button check. i shown the labels of my dataframe, so i wanted to change the labels of “fuel_type” to “Fuel Type” and “km_driven” to “KM Driven”.


Here i provided my code :

I hope someone can understand what i mean

Hi @Alva_Rizky Thanks for your question. It seems that you wanted to rename your DataFrame column name. If that’s the case, you can try the following:

df.rename(columns={"fuel_type": "Fuel Type", "km_driven": "KM Driven"}, inplace=True)

What this does is rename the 2 columns in the DataFrame.

Hope this helps!

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It doesnt work, in this case the model has trained with training dataset and already saved in pickle file format.

this the code that i followed you

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