How can I get next button to display only limited rows of a dataframe and then have next buttton

Please help how can I achieve next button displaying only 5 records in page and have next button to display rest.

similar to this particular image.

I have 1000 records in a data frame now i can show all 1000 by scrolling till end of the page. i want to ado something like this.

Hey @Vinishag welcome to the community !

I had replied with something similar on this thread,

Would that work for you ?

The functionality is pretty much what you require but visually it will be different, alternatively you can keep a counter in the state that increments when you click next and you can use that as page_number but I think above implementation is more straight forward.
Hope it helps ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help !But I am looking for next button. and for Data Frame it works but if I have a table am unable to do it.