How can I make it so that when I click on a word in the text_area window with the mouse button, it will display the options below it?

I need to make a suggestion for the correct spelling of a word when you click on it. I track if a word is spelled incorrectly and I need to add an option to click on the word in the text_area so that a menu for selecting its correct variants appears under it. Is there an example in the documentation or a plugin to implement this?

Hey @MLDovakin ,

I think I have a rough idea on how to achieve your requirement.

Streamlit does not directly offer any component that has this functionality.

HOWEVER, this feature could be performed with CSS animations and hover effects. Feel free to check out this documentation from Streamlit on rendering HTML & CSS( )

With it, you can render the functionality in CSS.

Best, Jyo

I have a similar site whose interface I need, can I just import its html and css into streamlit?

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