How can streamlit app utilize Supabase to achieve Google login? I have encountered some problems

I have correctly configured the relevant information in Supabase and Google Cloud.
Currently, it is possible to click on the URL(
it can jump to the Google login authorization interface. However, the parameter information in the browser address bar cannot be obtained.

I have reviewed some documents and used st.experimental_get_query_params() method can obtain parameters from the browser address bar. But my code can only obtain an empty dictionary and cannot obtain any parameter information.

This is my code:

google_login = st.button('google login')
if google_login:

login_in_with_google().The code for the function is as follows:

def login_in_with_google():
    data = supabase.auth.sign_in_with_oauth(
            "provider": 'google',
    res =
    if res:
        params = st.experimental_get_query_params()
        return params

Can someone tell me how to do it? My goal is to obtain the parameter information in the address bar after Google authorization is successful, and then use jwt to parse it and store it in the Supabase database.

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