How do I define Rows and Columns in a session.sql Dataframe


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Hi everyone, I’m trying to detail my session.sql created- dataframe with columns and rows… Assume that the column names already exist as part of the sql query and we’re just calling them from there. The rows I want to make will be made up.
Appreciate the support…

Steps to reproduce

code snippet:

liq_df = session.sql("select * from table( ***insert sql query here*** ))").to_pandas()

I want to see columns and rows that detail my dataframe.

What are you seeing instead of columns and rows?

I don’t have any row names. But I want to come up with some. And I only want to show certain columns.

I would recommend adding a column for row_name, and making that the index of the dataframe, and either filtering down to the columns you want in the query itself, or filtering the dataframe afterwards with pandas.

Alternatively, if this is a Snowpark session, you can use the Snowpark API after the query to select certain columns Working with DataFrames in Snowpark Python | Snowflake Documentation

You can set the row names with liq_df.index = row_names.

For showing only certain columns, just don’t include any other columns in your query. Or if you relly need columns that you don’t want to show: st.dataframe(liq_df[columns_to_show]).

I found this

Import the col function from the functions module.

from snowflake.snowpark.functions import col

Create a DataFrame that contains the id, name, and serial_number

columns in the “sample_product_data” table.

df = session.table(“sample_product_data”).select(col(“id”), col(“name”), col(“serial_number”))

To return the DataFrame as a table in a Python worksheet use return instead of show()

return df


|1 |Product 1 |prod-1 |
|2 |Product 1A |prod-1-A |
|3 |Product 1B |prod-1-B |
|4 |Product 2 |prod-2 |
|5 |Product 2A |prod-2-A |
|6 |Product 2B |prod-2-B |
|7 |Product 3 |prod-3 |
|8 |Product 3A |prod-3-A |
|9 |Product 3B |prod-3-B |
|10 |Product 4 |prod-4 |

But how would I transform my code to use this example?

I think it would be something like this:

liq_df = session.sql("select * from table( ***insert sql query here*** ))")

But this won’t display the DataFrame in your Streamlit application.

df = session.sql("select * from table(***insert sql query here***")
st.dataframe("id"), col("name")))

It says dataframe object has no attribute ‘select’.

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