How do I get the full text from text_input with for loop?

Hello , I have tried text_input and text_area and saving them into a session state.

However , when i try to pull our from that session state in for loop method.
it always put a single string for me.

for exaple: when i enter “apple” in text_input.

and i get 「a,p,p,l,e」

is there any solution? thanks

Hi @Theo_K

Could you clarify or provide example of the intended output that you’d like to see. A diagram would be helpful.

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You’re looping through a string, which will give you one character at a time – you don’t need a loop, just get the item and print it. Here are two ways to accomplish that:

import streamlit as st

text = st.text_input("Text input", key="text_input")

if st.button("run"):
    # OR

Hello, thanks for your answer, if i want to put more than 2 string in a ‘session_state’ , and iterate the session_state, is there any way to get that? thanks!!

For example

st.session_state[‘key’] = ‘apple’ , ‘grape’

for i in st.session_state[‘key’]:

I want to get ‘apple’, ‘grape’, not seperated string such as ‘a’,‘p’,‘p’,‘l’,‘e’

st.session_state['key'] = [‘apple’ , ‘grape’]

for i in st.session_state['key']:

If it’s a list, that will work just fine

If it’s just a giant string, separated with commas:

st.session_state['key'] = ‘apple, grape’

for i in st.session_state['key'].split(', '):

Thanks! the best answer !!!

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