How do I make an automatic changing page?

How do I make an automatic changing page?

Hello everyone I want to make an interactive dashboard using streamlit and run it on the screen in the meeting room. There will be graphs, tables on the dashboard, and I would like them to change at a certain interval (once a minute, for example). How can this be done?

In general, I see the implementation as follows - connect a raspberry pi 3 (or 4) to a TV, when power is applied to which a page with the address of the streamlit application opens, and pages with graphs/tables/other things change there all day long like slides. Will the raspberry pi’s performance be enough?
Thank you all!

One option is to have a while loop that never ends, then sleep for a minute at the end.

Like this:

from time import sleep

while True:
    # draw your graphs

If you find that the graphs are being repeated, you could use st.empty to create placeholder containers for them. st.empty - Streamlit Docs

Not sure about the raspberry pi performance. It depends a lot on what exactly your app is doing, and how much processing is required to generate the graphs. But, my instinct is that it would be fine.

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