How do I refresh/append my plotly_chart() without drawing a new one

Hi All,

Love what is going on with Streamlit. But I am running into a roadblock with development of a dashboard that can continuously update to introduce new data into my graphs. I have my graphs and layouts all figured out except for making a loop that will update say Chart = col3.plotly_chart(fig).

I have tried running a loop with Chart.empty() then load the data and then follow up with Chart = col3.plotly_chart(fig) but that seems a really ugly way for refreshing my chart. I have a few charts and they just appear in and out in an chaotic way… I have tried slowing down the strobe-y charts with time.sleep() but that still looks pretty bad. I need a smooth solution, like real-time appending dataframe/charts.

Should I try using altiar instead of plotly? for the .add_row() function that is not too well documented? Just don’t want to chase my tail with what seems like a simple task… refresh my graphs?

I tried searching all over youtube, streamlit and many other sources for a viable solution and have yet to hit the jack pot. Any advice is appreciated!