How do I replace an image I'm showing using st.image() in the same place?


I show an image that I want to show on the screen with st.image(). How can I change the image inside st.image() when I press a button?

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Here is one approach. Save your image filenames in a list. We will use session state variable as index into that list.

import streamlit as st

if 'idx' not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state.idx = 0

IMAGES = ['aaa.jpg', 'bbb.jpg']

def change():
    st.session_state.idx += 1
    if st.session_state.idx >= len(IMAGES):
        st.session_state.idx = 0

# Show image by images index.
st.button('Next image', on_click=change)
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