How long are are the files uploaded via file_uploader stored on streamlit's server?

As a follow up, I wanted to understand how I can delete the files as soon as the processing is complete on those files

Hi @Namya_LG -

It’s important to note that the video files aren’t on “Streamlit’s server” in a normally understood sort of way. Streamlit doesn’t save user files anywhere (as the storage cost to us would be enormous).

The file_uploader widget takes the bytes that represent the file from the browser to a Python BytesIO buffer, which is stored in RAM. When you’re done using those bytes, then can be flushed immediately by deleting the buffer, or upon re-run of the Streamlit app without using st.cache the buffer will cease to be referenceable from the code.

If there’s something truly sensitive you are doing, I’d suggest either not using a public service like Streamlit sharing.