How to access sStreamlit app on Databricks?

How to open Streamlit URL that is hosted by Databricks in local web browser?
I have run this webapp code on Databricks notebook. It works properly without any errors.

With databricks acting as server, I am unable open this link on my browser for this webapp.

But when I run the code on my local IDE, I am able to just open the URL on my browser.

Is there a way that I can access the webapp using this URL generated by Databricks?

Hey @Akshay_A,

It looks like you received an answer on the Databricks forum, so just wanted share that answer/link to that post here in case others encounter a similar issue.

Yes, there are a few steps you can follow to access the web app hosted on Databricks:

  1. Make sure that the Databricks cluster is running and that the web app is running on the cluster.
  2. In the Databricks notebook, check the port on which the web app is running. You can find this in the output of the command that started the web app.
  3. Configure your Databricks cluster’s network settings to allow inbound traffic on the port that the web app is running on. You can do this by going to the Azure portal and navigating to the Network Security Group associated with your Databricks cluster. Then, add an inbound security rule that allows traffic on the port that the web app is running on.
  4. Use the public IP address of your Databricks cluster to access the web app. To find the public IP address, go to the Azure portal and navigate to the Databricks workspace. Then, click on the “Networking” tab and look for the “Public IP address” field.
  5. Open your browser and navigate to the URL of the web app, using the public IP address and the port number. For example, if the public IP address is and the web app is running on port 8080, you would navigate to

Note that the steps above assume that your Databricks cluster is running in an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and is accessible from the internet. If your cluster is not in a VNet or is not accessible from the internet, you may need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a ExpressRoute connection to access the web app.

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