How to access tab id?

I want to be able to dynamically define the number of tabs. That is all quite easy.

t = ["Foo", "Bar"]
tabs = st.tabs(t)

However, now I want to iterate over created tabs and do some stuff depending on the id or caption of the tab:

for tab in tabs:
   if tab == "Foo"

However, I haven’t found it possible to compare the tab object with the caption name, tried all sorts of things but didn’t make it. Which attribute of the tab object I need to use to be able to compare it to “Foo”?

Hi @Tomaz_Bratanic, you could probably try this:

t = ["Foo", "Bar"]
tabs = st.tabs(t)

for tabname in t:
   if tabname == 'Foo': something


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Hi @Tomaz_Bratanic .

You can use this approach of having a function map dictionary to control your layout and functions.

import streamlit as st

def render_foo(id):
    with tabs[id]:
        st.subheader("This is foo")

def render_bar(id):
    with tabs[id]:
        st.subheader("This is bar")

fn_map = {"Foo": render_foo, "Bar": render_bar}

tabs = st.tabs([i for i in fn_map.keys()])

for idx, i in enumerate(fn_map):
    fn = fn_map.get(i)
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