How to add attachment icon along with chat_input method

I would like to know if there is a way to add a file icon in the chat_input method, and use that icon to upload a file similar to how it is done in ChatGPT.

Is it possible to include an attachment file within the chat_input method?

Hi @sahilsuman933

File upload can be added via the st.file_uploader method (st.file_uploader - Streamlit Docs).

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Hello @dataprofessor,

I am aware of this method, but the issue is that my client wants it to be done using an attachment icon next to chat_input method, similar to ChatGPT, and they are not satisfied with having an additional section just for uploading a file.

Is there any way I can accomplish this?

There’s a similar thread to your question How do i replicate chatgpt file upload option UI

To achieve this, I think you may have to write an entirely new bidirectional component that accepts both chat input and file uploads. This is also mentioned in the thread above.

Thank you, @dataprofessor. I will take a look at the bidirectional component to achieve this feature.

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