How to add button inside grid using streamlit

We want to add the data inside a grid along with a button at the last column of the Grid.
How we can add the below data inside a Grid or DataFrame

using Streamlit

Hi @info_testing

Could you please send me the code you have, I’ll have a look! :slight_smile:


Hi @info_testing

As @Charly_Wargnier had pointed out, sharing your code would help us to see what you are trying to achieve in your app.

Based on the available info in the post, it seems you had already implemented the first part

As for the second part

You can use st.dataframe (st.dataframe - Streamlit Docs) or st.data_editor (st.data_editor - Streamlit Docs) for displaying dataframes.

Additionally, the Docs page has a dedicated section on various other ways to display tabular data:

Hope this helps!

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