How to animate a sequence of individual images?

I would like to animate a sequence of satellite images, like the I can control the foreward and backword, animation speed of images. I try to insert the HAniS javascript ( into markdown html for animating a sequence of images. But streamlit does not support javascript integration. So is there an other way way to solve this. Thanks very much!

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Hi @kan, welcome to the Streamlit Community!

Your request sounds perfect for our new Components framework that we’ll be releasing shortly:

This will allow developers to create widgets in JavaScript and register them as Python packages, which opens up the types of functionality you are talking about. If you’d like to participate in the beta, we’d love to see you build this out as an example!


Hi @randyzwitch. Thanks for your reply very much. It’s a great idea to try Components framework.

Hi @kan - did you manage to get anywhere with this, would also like this functionality.


You should try the new streamlit component function.