How to assign a dictionary to a variable in secrets.toml?


My intention is to copy and paste a dictionary with JSON credentials but to simplify the problem I don’t know how to assign dictionaries to a variable in secrets.toml if it is possible.

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

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this_var = {‘a key’: ‘a value’}

Expected behavior:
You should simply assign a dictionary for use in the app.

Actual behavior:
The system displays a parse error.

Error parsing Secrets file.
TomlDecodeError: Invalid inline table encountered (line 3 column 1 char 27)

Debug info

  • Streamlit version: (1.14.0)
  • Python version: (3.10.6)
  • Using venv with pip
  • OS version: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Browser version: Brave Versión 1.45.118 but Firefox 106.0.5 shows the same error.

Requirements file


Additional information

The application I ran locally.

This is not valid toml, which is what secrets.toml expects. The equivalent to that in toml is

'a key' = 'a value'

Or like this

this_var = { 'a key' = 'a value' }

Either one of those means this will output

{'a key': 'a value'}

when you run this code

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Thanks for responding so quickly. If you define a section with [this_var] it does work but the Python dictionary-like option with

this_var = { ‘a key’ = ‘a value’ }

shows the following error.

KeyError: ‘st.secrets has no key “type”. Did you forget to add it to secrets.toml or the app settings on Streamlit Cloud? More info: Secrets management - Streamlit Docs

Are you sure you didn’t put type = { ..something...} in your secrets.toml?

Here’s my secrets.toml,

this_var = { 'a key' = 'a value' }

'a key' = 'a value'

and my streamlit app, and it works well.

import streamlit as st


You are right. I have created a new app just with the code you have written and it works correctly.

Doing some more tests I found the error. If the entry line in secrets.toml of the dictionary has more than one line it causes the error. That is to say,

# ./streamlit/secrets.toml
this_var1 = { 'key 1' = 'value 1', 'key 2' = 'value 2' }
this_var2 = {
  'key 1' = 'value 1',
  'key 2' = 'value 2' 

this_var2 produces the error. Of course, having the assignments delimited by braces {} to define the dictionary structure I understood that the line endings were ignored, but it seems that this is not the case.

I appreciate your response.

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You’re right, that’s not valid toml: TOML: English v1.0.0

Inline tables are intended to appear on a single line. A terminating comma (also called trailing comma) is not permitted after the last key/value pair in an inline table. No newlines are allowed between the curly braces unless they are valid within a value. Even so, it is strongly discouraged to break an inline table onto multiples lines.