How to Categorical columns (selectboxes)

Just new to coding, Iโ€™m just wondering how to add categorical columns select boxes. Thanks

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd


def load_data():
    dataframe = pd.read_csv(file_path)
    return dataframe

def split_frame(input_df, rows):
    df = [input_df.loc[i: i + rows - 1, :] for i in range(0, len(input_df), rows)]
    return df

file_path = st.file_uploader("Select a File", type=["csv"])
if file_path:
    dataset = load_data()
    top_menu = st.columns(3)
    pagination = st.container()
    bottom_menu = st.columns((4, 1, 1))
    with bottom_menu[2]:
        batch_size = st.selectbox("Page Size", options=[5, 10])
    with bottom_menu[1]:
        total_pages = (
            int(len(dataset) / batch_size) if int(len(dataset) / batch_size) > 0 else 1
        current_page = st.number_input(
            "Page", min_value=1, max_value=total_pages, step=1
    with bottom_menu[0]:
        st.markdown(f"Page **{current_page}** of **{total_pages}** ")

    pages = split_frame(dataset, batch_size)
    pagination.dataframe(data=pages[current_page - 1], use_container_width=True)

Hey @Raisen,

Thanks for sharing your question! Can you clarify what you mean by โ€œcategorical columns select boxesโ€?

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