How to change font in streamlit deploy

I’m having a hard time in the streamlit deploy process.
Locally, the font of the graph appears normally.

However, if I just streamlit deploy, the font on the graph is broken, so you can’t see it.
Only the font in the graph is a problem.
To solve this problem
I tried to modify the font of the .streamlit/config.toml file, but it didn’t work

I’ve tried adding it to my Python code as below but it’s not working out.

I think there is no problem in local,
but it’s a problem in deploy process to a server
Please help me

import streamlit.components.v1 as components


body { font-family: 'NanumGothic', sans serif; }

“”“, “””, height=0)

Hi @_JJang

It seems that you’re using a local font type that is not present by default on the Community Cloud server.

You can include this font type in your app repo and call the font as implemented in the code snippet by @blackary

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your very useful help.
Let’s try again.
Thank you.

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