How to connect my streamlit app to source of the data that is on a private server which is accessed by virtual machines

i am developing a streamlit dashboard that should get the data from Jira using JIRA API.
it worked for my instance (using a user name and API token) of jira but when i tried to use it to analyze data from a server hosted instance of jira (in a company server) i didn’t know how to get the right jira credentials to connect the app to jira data. (i have user name and password for this instance as a user not an admin)
the server jira instance is hosted on a company server and is accessed through citrix virtual machines.
did anybody have a solution for such a problem?
thanks in advanced

I think you will have more luck in a forum centered around Jira rather than this one which is centered around issues with Streamlit, specifically. It’s possible someone around here might have happened to use the Jira API before but I bet you’d get a response a lot faster from a Jira-dedicated crowd. :slight_smile:

Here’s Atlassian’s community for you:

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