How to create expanders for multiple columns?

i am trying to create function that display 12 columns that have expander and each expander have a multiselect widget with table.

How can i do this ?

my code:

def display_month_list(df,month):
      df_test = df.iloc[:;[0,1,2,3]]
      option_list = df_test["categories"].unique().tolist()
      selected_option = st.multiselect("Select Category",option_list)
      if selected_option:
            df_test = df_test[df_test["categories"].isin(selected_option)]

col1,col2,col3,col4 = st.columns(4)
col5,col6,col7,col8 = st.columns(4)
col9,col10,col11,col12 = st.columns(4)

with col1:
   with st.expander("cat1"):

with col2:
   with st.expander("cat2"):

and so on…

My question is how to add this function in each column?