How to create kpi metrics in streamlit

How to create kpi metrics in streamlit. I create a metrics using st.markdown but when we publish app as snowflake native app due to security reason kpi metrics are not coming up.
And also we create using st.metrics but we can apply colors and borders for it.

Hi @info_testing

In regards to the following issue, the unsafe_allow_html=True parameter in st.markdown is not supported for Streamlit in Snowflake (more info here Limitations and unsupported features | Snowflake Documentation):

Hope this helps!

Hi @dataprofessor

Do we have any other ways to create kpi metrics without st.markdown?

st.metric is going to be the main option for this type of display. You could also check out – not sure if that would work for your use case.

Hi @info_testing

In addition to what @Caroline suggested, perhaps you could also look into using st.header() and st.subheader() to write out large text while using st.markdown() to write out smaller descriptive text.

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