How to create your Chatgpt plus version with streamlit and hugchat for free

Hello streamlit and LLM lovers,

I want to introduce you amazing project.

Using streamlit , hugchat and langchain it was possible to create a clone of ChatGPT plus with access to plugins.

Current plugin :

  • web access
  • website scraping
  • Talk with csv
  • talk with multiple pdf,txt,docente
  • talk with audio mp3, wav
  • talk with multiple yt videos
  • God Mode
  • load previus vectorstor

We would love to receive your feedback. Of course it’s all open source and developable.

How to try or help us to improve for democratize artificial intelligence :

Select one plugin :point_down:

Setup the plugin :point_down:

Enjoy :point_down::rocket:

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What a great app @alessandro_ciciarell! I’m a fan and I’m sharing internally! :hugs:


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@Charly_Wargnier thank you very much, we hope that projects like this can make people understand how much streamlit is the best web framework out there.

If you try God Mode let us know what you think :hugs:

GOD MODE :magic_wand: give custom knowledge to your chat

:rocket:This plugin able the chat to make a custom knowledge from a single topic

:technologist: Set up the plugin

:hugs: Enjoi it

:rotating_light: No FREE options to compare

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I will do @alessandro_ciciarell!