How to disable component caching


I am building a component that integrates web3 wallet connection with Streamlit. I was able to get a connect_wallet button working but after additional reruns Streamlit just remembered the wallet address and did not work correctly.

I am trying to figure out how component caching works on the streamlit typescript side since I feel that that is the source of the error (clearing the cache manually when the component is running doesn’t work).

Hi @smejak, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Streamlit doesn’t cache inputs unless you ask it to. Are you sure that the JS library that you are using isn’t setting a cookie in the browser?


Hi @randyzwitch, thanks for the welcome!

I made some progress and I believe my problem has something to do with Streamlit components using Webpack and Workbox for storing data, but I am still not sure what it is exactly and how to disable this functionality.

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