How to download .mp3 directly not open a web play

like url=“
I want to provide a button, and click it to down load the media directly instead of open a web play

import os
import base64
def get_binary_file_downloader_html(bin_file, file_label='File'):
    with open(bin_file, 'rb') as f:
        data =
    bin_str = base64.b64encode(data).decode()
    href = f'<a href="data:application/octet-stream;base64,{bin_str}" download="{os.path.basename(bin_file)}">Download {file_label}</a>'
    return href


st.markdown(get_binary_file_downloader_html('photo.jpg', 'Picture'), unsafe_allow_html=True)
st.markdown(get_binary_file_downloader_html('data.csv', 'My Data'), unsafe_allow_html=True)
st.markdown(get_binary_file_downloader_html('2g1c.mp4', 'Video'), unsafe_allow_html=True)

Hope this helps, for more info look into this thread

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