How to edit an Excel file with a st.form?

Hi everyone,

Basically, I’m trying to add rows to an excel file by filling a st.form.

I followed this video An App to Update Excel File with Pandas and Streamlit - YouTube and works fine when I run it on local, but when I deploy the app with streamlit cloud, it does not rewrite the file in the github repository.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @rortiz21, welcome to the Streamlit community!

It’s important to recognize that Streamlit Cloud’s connection to GitHub is one-way; Streamlit Cloud reads from GitHub, but no one can write to the GitHub repo unless a commit is made.

If you want to do a similar pattern, you can use Google Sheets, as the Google Sheet will exist on the internet outside of the Cloud container. See the following example from our docs:


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Hi @randyzwitch !

Thanks for the clarification.

I decided to do an insert with cx_Oracle, do you have by chance, any documentation on how to connect from streamlit cloud?!

Thank you in advance!